Comparing Review Marketing To Traditional Marketing

Using customer reviews in marketing campaigns is growing in popularity particularly with the presence of social media platforms and third-party review sites where people can post their comments about a brand. A successful marketing campaign needs to integrate reviews to take advantage of the content provided by customers. When comparing traditional marketing strategies to review […]

Things To Know Before Signing A Business Contract

Business contracts are considered as a legal document in a lot of places; a promise between two people and/or companies. While oral promises exist, the written ones are the ones that are generally considered to be the most reliable, and by most reliable, we mean legally binding. A contract can define a lot of various […]

Procedures In The US-Canada Cross-Border Trade

Most businesses in the US who have dealings in Canada know the regulations and procedures when exporting to Canada. Similarly, Canadian businesses that export products to the US must be knowledgeable about US export mandates. To simplify the process of cross-border trade between the two countries, businesses opt for a qualified logistics provider or customs […]

Useful Skills For UX Designers

The sudden upsurge in online activity brought about by people being stuck at home due to the coronavirus forcing people to stay at home meant that online and digital-related jobs have spiked in demand. With new technology being developed, UI/UX design is more important than ever, and, as a result, professionals in the fields are […]

Simple Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing is now an essential part of any business looking to turn a profit. A business lives or dies on reaching its audience, and now, people are online most of the day. If you’re looking on getting the most out of digital marketing, here are a few simple tips. Know your ideal buyer If […]

Grow The Business Faster Through Customer Reviews

Reviews left by customers can grow a business faster than paid advertisements and other marketing strategies. Customer loyalty is what impacts a business and not the $300,000 advertisement on NBC. However, it is important to have customer feedback otherwise you won’t know what drives their satisfaction. Not knowing their feelings will make it highly impossible […]

Adapting To New Trends In Digital Marketing

It is important to have a goal when creating a business marketing plan. The goal can be business growth, a fixed position in the market, keeping a brand identity, or standing out from the competitors. Digital marketing often comes with new trends, new variations, and new modifications each year. To be successful, you must be […]

The Bright Side Of Negative Reviews

While most businesses dread the 1-star review, there is some good that can come from them. Obviously, you don’t want to let your review page get flooded by negative reviews and such, but a bad review here and there isn’t the end of your business. If you play your cards right, you can actually get […]

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