17-Year Old Schoolboys Start Huge Business With A Bike And 10,000 Pens

London, UK – If one would list the things a 17-year old schoolboy does, starting a business would not be part of it. Marcus Ereira and Luke Shelley were just typical London schoolboys when they first started Tavistock Tutors. The two had grown up on the same street and little did they know that they would also be sharing the same business.

Tavistock Tutors first started 5 years ago when Marcus and Luke had struggled to find someone who can provide them with private tutorial sessions.

They said that they were searching for tutors and speaking to various agencies but they were not quick to respond that is why they thought of taking matters into their own hands. They had founded Tavistock Tutors, a company that would cater to the tutoring needs of many students.

The pair had admitted that starting their tutoring business proved to be a difficult task mainly because they could be taken seriously by many people due to their age.

In fact, even their parents didn’t take them seriously at first. Marcus’ parents even said that if they can make the business work, then they would let him leave school.

Unfortunately for them, their parents didn’t provide them the needed funds to start their business that is why they resorted to cleaning and washing cars to gather money.

Finding tutors also proved to be a daunting task because of their age. Marcus said that when they went to different universities to scout potential tutors, people just laughed them off.

Another challenge for them was the marketing aspect of their business. Since they did not have a huge fund, what they did was they painted an old bike orange, labeled it with the name of their company along with their services and parked it in their school where many students would notice it. Instead of making fliers, they resorted to a more creative and useful approach. Marcus and Luke dropped 10,000 pens outside many different schools.

They aim not only to provide tutorial services to students in need but also allowing them to access their service even after dark. Their goal is to prioritize not only the parents but also the students themselves.

After 5 years, Marcus and Luke are now the proud owners of Tavistock Tutors, a company that consists of 400 active and highly qualified tutors.