2017 Halal Industry Assembly In Thailand

One of the highest generating revenue sectors in Thailand is the Halal food industry. In 2016, the country achieved one of the spots in the top 10 exporters of Halal products all over the globe. This year, collaborations have been created between the public and private sectors in order to cement the position of the nation into the top 5 exporting countries of Halal products before the end of 2020. Both sectors are already booking meeting room hotel in Bangkok to further discuss the improvements they have to make.

Due to the potential that the Halal food industry holds, the 4th Thailand Halal Assembly 2017 was organized in cooperation with The Halal Standard Institute of Thailand, The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University and The Central Islamic Council of Thailand or CICOT. The event was held to feature the Halal industry of the country and how it can impact the international scene. It was also an opportunity for Thai Halal SMEs to broaden their network of global traders. At the same time, they were able to exchange what they know and the process of Halal science with experts in the industry coming from various parts of the worlds.

The most recent event was hosted at the BITEC Bangna and was spearheaded by His Excellency Mr. Aziz Phitakkumpon, Thailand’s Sheikhul Islam.

According to Halal Standard Institute of Thailand’s director, Associate Professor Prakorn Priyakorn, they decided to host the event once more because the previous event proved to be a success. He added that their main goal is to raise awareness of the achievement made by Thai Halal industry to the international market. He said that they are confident in presenting their Halal products because they are armed with the right technology, innovation and knowledge to improve it to follow the international standards required.

Through the event, Thai Halal products will have its own branding as internationally recognized products backed up by science and religious regulations. Thai Halal SMEs will be congregating in a meeting room hotel in Bangkok to boost their ability and be able to compete with other international brands.