Month: April 2019

Escalating Costs Makes US Cities Stop Recycling

There’s a bit of a problem plaguing businesses that handle junk hauling Orange County and across the US, as escalating costs are discouraging people from recycling, which has been a staple in American households. Hundreds of towns and cities across the US have opted to cancel their respective programs, limiting the materials that they accept, […]

Report Looks Into The Changing Home Market

Australia’s currently going through some issues with the housing market, to the dismay of a lot of people in the construction industry, including those that handle timber floor installation in Sydney, but many are optimistic that the country’s deeply-rooted affection for their homes, considered by Aussies to be their most important asset and investment, will […]

Singapore’s Job Growth To Be Driven By Fintech And Other Electronic Fields

Financial technology, digital technology, UI/UX design, and others, are the fields, alongside a cautious hiring outlook, high demand for niche talent, and talent shortages are expected to drive job growth across Singapore in 2019, according to a recent report. Michael Page recently released the annual 2019 Salary Benchmark Index, a salary report made with the […]