Month: June 2019

IKEA Planning Addition Store In West Australia

Ikea is the popular furniture giant based in Scandinavia. It has many branches all over the world but it is different from a school furniture supplier which is dedicated in making ergonomic furniture for the use of the students. While it already has a store located in West Australia, there are reports that the company […]

UK Carrier Going Green With Electric Vans

Deutscher Paket Dienst (DPD), which is a German Parcel Service, is now the first final mile carrier in the UK to use the fully electric e-Vito that comes from the Mercedes-Benz Vans. The Parcel delivery service provider has taken in 10 long-bodied, mid-sized model version of the vehicle, which considerably improves the range and carrying […]

BIFA To Highlight Freight Issues During Multimodal 2019

Multimodal is the premier management event for supply chains, logistics and freight transport. The Multimodal 2019 begins for its 12th consecutive year. The event highlights every sector in the industry which is why it is considered as a unique showcase that is high valued in all of the industry. It features logistics companies offering services […]

The Future Is Here – Meet Vera

Volvo has created Vera, an electric truck that is capable of driverless driving. It has started operating in Sweden. It shuttled containers between a port and the distribution center. However, it is only capable of driving short distances for now. Vera can deliver large quantities of cargo with high precision. An operator in the control […]

Black Waters On The Beaches Of Thailand

Black water had been seen flowing through the sand and along the southern part of Kamala Beach last February. The governor of Phuket and the Kamala Tambon Administrative Organisation both bound to raise the issue as the local officials of Phuket clear the black polluted water and find its source.   The contaminated area affects […]

Japan’s Big Four Announces Alliance For Standardizing Electric Motorcycle Technology

Japan’s motoring industry saw a short statement, with the companies signing it stating their intentions to work together towards standardizing replaceable battery technology for electric motorbikes. What makes this statement so noteworthy is that it’s signed by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha; Japan’s four biggest motoring companies. Personal transport is moving away from fossil fuel, […]

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