5 Important Hand Tools That Every Plumber In Newcastle Must Own

Every plumber, newbie or veteran, knows how important it is to have the right tools at the right time. Dependable plumbers always make sure that their toolbox contains all the things they will need for a particular job. They may be able to use a substitute instrument in case they forgot to bring along the primary tool, but it won’t be as efficient and effective as the correct tool to use.

There are five essential tools that a plumber in Newcastle should invest in, whether he plans to focus on residential or commercial plumbing. These tools are versatile enough to be used for both commercial and residential plumbing.

The Important Hand Tools of a Plumber

There are five important hand tools that a plumber should never go without. They can cover almost all plumbing applications that a plumber may come across.

  1. Straight Pipe Wrench

Plumbers can use this wrench on all types of pipes. It is one of the most useful tools in their toolbox. It is available in aluminum, steel, or iron. It measures between 6 and 48 inches, and the most common or favourite choice measures between 10 and 18 inches.

  1. Pliers

A plumber needs a reliable pair of pliers to help him grip the fittings and pipe. The tongue-and-groove pliers in a few various sizes can be a plumber’s best friend. It is also wise to choose the ones that have an ergonomic design and with cushioned handles, which can help reduce fatigue and enhance grip.

  1. Reamers/Deburring Tools

Finishing or widening a pipe is made easy with the help of a reamer and deburring tool. There are tool models that feature both functions into a single tool. They can also be bought separately if the plumber prefers it that way.

  1. Tubing Cutters

This tool can cut through steel, brass, aluminum, copper, and other materials. A plumber needs a tubing cutter when installing or removing new plumbing.  A close-quarters cutter can be used when cutting in restricted spaces. This makes this a good addition to the plumber’s toolbox.

  1. Basin Wrench

This tool is suitable to use for under-sink application and tight spaces. Basin wrench extends valuable assistance to the straight pipe wrench. The basin wrench makes it easier for the plumber to finish the job in record time.

A responsible plumber in Newcastle relies on his expertise and tools to get the job done. These essential tools must be present in a plumber’s toolbox at all times.