Activities Team Building

Teams work together to accommodate specific functions of an organization. Most often, recruitment ads call onto applicants that they need workers who are team players. Business schools grade their students depending on the performance of their group projects. Office managers encourage their employees to join activities team building to work as a team. The team building concept will create no barriers among each individual.

Working as a team dates back to olden days of civilization. A good example of teamwork is Jesus and his team of 12 apostles. But according to the survey done by Deloitte, “Global Human Capital Trends”, executives from all around the world point out that teamwork is badly needed by many businesses.

Companies have set aside functional silos and have come to organize employees working as a team. Their function is to concentrate on specific products, customers and problems. Each team is obtaining more efficiency to run their own affairs. They are also spending more time with each other, than reporting more to their leaders. Deloitte claims that a new organizational form is about to rise. The so-called network of teams will replace traditional hierarchy in offices. It’s probably why activities team building is necessary to create mutual understanding and healthy competition among members.

A member of a team may need to jump into the management style. It really is time to ask questions whether this set-up will work for the rest of the company. According to Leigh Thompson of Kellogg School of Management in Illinois, teams are not the exact response and feedback to good management. However, the teamwork can provide understanding, knowledge and creativity in a way that a person cannot work independently. Sometimes, the teamwork may lead to conflict and poor decision-making. But with activities team building, itis there to train every member to understand each other and work harmoniously,so as not to create conflicts.

When the workforce is changed every now and then, having teams may make it difficult to manage. Teamwork is best if members understand each other, and, consider strengths, weaknesses and interests. Now this can be hard to achieve especially if these individuals haven’t gone through activities team building. Management will just have to organize so that one can note that teamwork can improve over time.