Advantages Of Using Zoho Books

Zoho Books is known as one of the most successful accounting software due to its many advantages. It is offered at an affordable rate and it covers accounts receivable, accounts payable and other important accounting features. Whatever browser you use, you will have the power to open your account with this digital application. To understand more of how it functions, the following are other benefits it offers.

  • You can use Zoho Books without any complications because it is easy to set up. You just have to follow some simple steps – from filling out your business’ basic information, to choosing your desired features and ensuring that you will be linked with your payment processor. You also have the freedom to look into the core features of Zoho Books. There is a button that says “Getting Started” which is located at the upper right of the dashboard. It will show up a video that will assist you to go about the software.
  • Every minute is important when running a business. Any business owners, regardless of which industry they are in, would not want to put their time to waste. This is why using Zoho Books has helped businesses in reducing the time they use for accounting activities. When it comes to converting an invoice to a retainer or recurring invoice, it can be done immediately once you finish with the sales order. You can even change the arrangement of product arrows in a matter of seconds. You just have to drag and drop it into the place.
  • There are three ways to email your invoice. And each of them is easy to do. First option is you can email it right away after you finish creating it. Second, you can send it later. You just have to set a schedule. The last option is through the Snail Mail service of the company. It can print and mail the invoice for you.
  • With Zoho Books, you can get bank feed updates regularly because it is linked to your bank accounts. You can even check current transactions in one click. You just have reload the bank feed.