All About Bangkok Japanese Restaurants

Many tourists come to the capital of Thailand and expect to taste lots of delicious Thai food. Not knowingly, there are lots of Bangkok Japanese restaurants to try, considering that the city is home to a large Japanese community outside Japan. The official figures show that there are estimated 50,000 Japanese residents with a quarter of them having work permits.

The relationship between the two countries have existed well long before the Japanese occupation in Thailand during the second world war. In the 17th century, the royal palace, which preceded contemporary Thailand, hired samurai guards, and the two countries traded well.

These days, some of the biggest Japanese firms have offices in Bangkok, and they feel at home with their businesses here. You’ll also find several Bangkok Japanese restaurants, Japanese supermarkets, Japanese massage parlours, Japanese drinking dens and Japanese karaoke bars. Japanese residents can even educate their children in a Thai-Japanese school, with nearly 3000 pupils. The markets of Emporium and Paragon all have dedicated Japanese sections, where they can buy things that they need.

The Japanese population is centred in the heart of Bangkok known as the Sukhumvit Road. It’s a popular area among expatriates from around the world. One may have stayed there during their visit to Bangkok. But if you were travelling on a budget, you may have stayed in Khao San Road, where backpackers’ hotels and guesthouses are found. In the area of Sukhumvit, there are lots of Bangkok Japanese restaurants to try.

As there are plenty here, you can go to Juban on Soi 33 to try a fusion-driven menu. There is the laid-back spot in Soi 19 known as Kisso. On Soi 39, there is Don Don with its outstanding noodles. Or you can venture Ten Sui on the west of Soi 16. You can even taste the best fish which came from the Tsukiji fish market. The best days to come here is Tuesdays and Fridays.

As there’s a huge Japanese community in Bangkok, you can expect many Bangkok Japanese restaurants that serve scrumptious Japanese food. When you walk through these restaurants, it will feel like you’re still in Tokyo or Osaka.