An Array Of Fabulous Yachts

Throughout the years, there are a lot of people who want to celebrate their momentous events in the middle of the sea. Some want to celebrate their most awaited wedding rites, their debuts, their farewell parties, their Christmas get together, or even their company’s corporate party on a ship, on a yacht, or on any other sea vessel. Undeniably, the sea will always have a special place in each one of one’s heart. This is the exact reason why the Isabella Yachts offer amazing services with their boat charter in Phuket. In fact, they offer more than fifty kinds of boat charters which vary on the number of passengers and cabin on board. And four of these will be featured below.

1 Leopard 43

First, Leopard 43 is known to have three cabins, three en suite bathrooms, a deck shower, a large living room, and a galley as part of its primary accommodations. Furthermore a fly bridge, a dinghy, a snorkeling gear, and inflatable toys could also be found within the boat. With a maximum of fifteen people capacity, this boat could be the perfect yacht for you if you’re planning to last the night and visit islands in Phuket for a vacation.

2 Prestige 500

Secondly, with its elegant living room, kitchen, LED television, and tropical air conditioning system, Prestige 500 would be the ultimate solution if you want to escape from all the pressures and stress meeting you everyday at home, at school, or at work. With a maximum of six people, Prestige 500 has been sailing the pristine waters of Phuket since four years ago.

3 Princess 42

True to its regally gorgeous nameplate, the Princess 42 would make you know how it feels to travel like a royal with its high quality interior design. Accommodating twelve people at most, you could already book a ride for as low as seventy thousand Baht.

4 Luxury Party Catamaran 78 FT

Now if you are eyeing to host a big event and want to have all your family, friends, workmates, and even distant relatives on a boat, then the Luxury Party Catamaran 78 FT will be the best choice for you. This is because the boat could accommodate as many as ninety-eight people and thus making it ideal for a get together.

These are just four of the Isabella Yachts’ amazing boat charter in Phuket. For the complete list of boats, amenities, rates, and more, feel free to visit their website and drop inquiries on their contact details.