Architect Confident About Design Of New Terminal In Bangkok Airport

The main airport located in the capital city of Thailand is expanding soon with a new terminal. The project is estimated to cost the government around $1.3 billion and it will be made up entirely of wooden cladding with a beautiful landscaping of the forest. Many are concerned that the wood might present a fire hazard but the designer is confident that there is nothing to worry about. Tourists may soon have to book a hotel near Terminal 21 in order to experience this new airport terminal in one of their travels.

Looking at the blueprint presented for the building, the inspiration is mostly tropical forestry with a goal of making the travellers feel the unique character of Thailand. This is the sentiment presented by Duangrit Bunnag, the 52 year old architect in charge. He dismissed the concerns raised by the Engineering Institute of Thailand regarding the fire risk presented by the structure.

Duangrit said that majority of the airports have very similar features. They are white, metallic and often look cold. This is why he created the design that will give travellers the vibe that they are really in Thailand. The building will still be made of metal but the structure will be covered with wood all throughout. He added that there are a number of treatments that could be done with the timber in order to make sure that it is resistant to fire.

In all of Asia, the Airports of Thailand is found to have the largest market value worth $29.1 billion while Shanghai International Airport only comes second at $15.3 billion. Third spot is Sydney airport at $11.5 billion followed by Auckland International Airport at $5.8 billion. The fifth spot is bagged by Beijing Airport with a market value of $4.9 billion while Japan Airport Terminal earning $3.7 billion is on the sixth spot. The seventh and eighth place went to Malaysia Airports Holdings and GMR Infrastructure with $3.6 billion and $1.5 billion respectively.

With the expansion, the airport is expected to cater to additional 30 million travellers. Tourists can book hotel near Terminal 21 or anywhere in Thailand and the airport will be able to handle them which has been an ongoing issue for a few years now.