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Author: NicholasSRoy

Activities Team Building

Teams work together to accommodate specific functions of an organization. Most often, recruitment ads call onto applicants that they need workers who are team players. Business schools grade their students depending on the performance of their group projects. Office managers encourage their employees to join activities team building to work as a team. The team […]

Kindness Helped Save A Wedding

While some couples are busy looking for a chair hire in Melbourne, a couple in Helena Township did not expect that their wedding decorations will be consumed by fire. Emma and Jake Sik stored their wedding decorations inside the barn owned by the parents of the bride, Richard and Joan Driemeyer. The barn located in […]

Electrician Can Also Be Energy Advisors

Bryan Garcia has been an electrician for 17 years when he was sent to help in a hospital in 2016. He was originally from southern Florida working on hurricane response before he turned to industrial and commercial projects. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he was sent to the hospital. The […]

Promotional Merchandise Showcase Held

Promoting whatever product or service that your business is never a piece of cake to even begin with. This is, in fact, one of the most crucial things you will be doing for your business for a very, very long time especially if you want your business to stay on a relatively good situation, financially […]

Amway Makes Massive Investment On Distribution

The Thai direct sales company, Amway, has recently made a huge investment to improve on its distribution capabilities. The Bt 40m is aimed towards opening a new distribution center for the company at the TPark Bangplee 1 warehouse located at Bang Phli, Samut Prakan. The  warehouse recently opened sometime late June this year. The new […]

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