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Author: NicholasSRoy

Wedding Season For AFL Players

It is the season of love for the members of the football clubs as the AFL players are set to marry their partners on what they refer to as the great wedding road trip in order for them to witness each other’s ceremony. It is surely a field day for wedding planner in Sydney as […]

Surf Community To Be Launched In Thailand

Thailand is known more many things – its food, condominiums, hotels, pool villa in Thailand but it is mostly popular because of the beach. There is an increasing number of surf schools emerging in the country together with surf clubs and organizations that support the sport of surfing. Through them, many surfers are starting to […]

The First Kangaroo Print Available For Purchase

Captain Cook is known for his drawing and map illustration. He was able to publish books in three volumes that tell of his voyages. The three books were published between 1773 and 1784 entitled James Cook Voyages. According to Louis Kissajukian who currently owns a room in Sydney called Antique Print and Map. The complete […]

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