Azelis Extending Evonik Distribution To Asia-Pacific

Azelis, an international chemicals distribution company, has recently partnered up with Evonik Industries, the world’s largest specialty chemicals company, primarily known by the beauty care industries as the providers of the chemicals used in the products so coveted by any Bondi hair salon, or cosmetics company. The new partnership grants exclusive distribution rights to Azelis, meaning that they’re the only company that can distribute Evonik products in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

This new development comes hot on the heels of Azelis’ entry into Oceania, introducing its products in New Zealand and Australia, which many a Bondi hair salon and the beauty care industry took notice of. In 2017, Azelis acquired the Oceania-based specialty chemicals company Chemcolour. Notably, Azelis mentioned in an interview that the company sees Oceanic nations as its ‘springboards’ for entering the Asian market, and part of this move into Asia is the partnership with Evonik.

Effectively immediately, as a result of the agreement between the two companies, Azelis will not be distributing its products outside of Europe’s market into India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Azelis Managing Director for India, Aparna Khurana, says that the company is delighted to add the Evonik product line to the company portfolio, which he says will be a great addition and improvement. He adds that they are excited to offer Evonik’s product range of quality ingredients to India, as Evonik is known for being quality manufacturing, and that Azelis is confident that this partnership will grow both companies cooperatively, and deliver quality products and innovation to their customers.

Azelis CEO & President for Asia Pacific, Laurent Nataf, says that Azelis sees personal care as a key growth opportunity, and that their partnership with Evonik will strengthen the company as one of the region’s leading specialty chemicals distributors. He adds that both companies put a lot of stock on innovation, and that Evonik’s top-of-the-line ingredients are perfect for both Azelis’s portfolio and strategy to create value for Asia Pacific customers.

Notably, Azelis has marked the year 2018 as a key time for their corporate strategy, having opened a personal care application lab in India as a way to support the local Indian personal care market. This, on top of their recent forays into Oceania.