Bartenders Notice An Increase In Quality Fake ID’s

Minors have been using Novelty IDs for decades; however, technology is now being used in the creation of fake identity cards to make it more difficult for bartenders and bouncers to distinguish the fakes from the real ones. Since there is a spike in novelty ID’s Tulsa has called Homeland Security to investigate the high quality fake ID’s.

According to Josh Simpson, a bartender who has been serving alcohol for decades said many fake ID’s look real. Simpson who works at Osteria in Oklahoma City has received state training to be able to serve alcohol and he knows what to watch out for in the fake ID’s.

If you will take a close look at the fake ID, it is pretty obvious that the person in the picture is different from the one who is buying a drink. Sometimes, the picture has been tampered with and the signature has misspellings and other stuff. Simpson says that he does not see fake IDs in the restaurant where he works.

According to 16-year old Autumn Sharp, some of her friends have fake IDs and they use it to steal from gas stations where different people are working. Sharp says she does not have a fake ID but if she wants to have one, it is easy to get. Sharp has a couple of friends in college thatshe can text to ask about fake ID’s. She has to pay a certain amount and the fake ID will be received through mail.

There are plenty of online sites that make premium fakes that can scan and work with holograms. Because technology has made it easy to create quality fakes, the ability to detect them has become more important. In Oklahoma where minors are not allowed to drink alcohol, they could be charged with misdemeanor, face a $30 fine and 30 hours of community service.

Vendors of Novelty IDs caution people against using the ID’s to commit crimes. Fake IDs can make you eligible to enter bars and nightclubs but simply have a good time and do not get into trouble. Don’t create a scene that will require authorities to check the ID.