Basic Facts And Rules Of The AFL Game For Beginners

Australians love sports. They watch and play a variety of sports, including soccer, cricket, basketball, rugby and tennis. But the top sport loved by all Australians is the AFL or the Australian Rules football. The game originated in Victoria and spread all over the country in the past century. The game is called with many names such as footy, Aussie rules or the AFL. The game is fast paced and physically demanding.

There are many AFL store in Australia, which stock merchandise of the different AFL teams. Fans flock to these stores to get their hand on different AFL merchandise, like jerseys, caps, flags etc. of their favourite AFL teams.

Here are some basic rules of the game for beginners.

  1. The AFL is played between two competing teams. Each team has eighteen players along with four additional players for interchange. The additional players are used to replace injured players or to provide the main players some rest during the match.
  2. The AFL playground is the size of two football fields. The players contest to get possession of the ball and put in the goal post. They move the ball by kicking, running and handballing.
  3. The entire game is divided into four slots of 20 minutes each. The umpire bounces the ball in the centre circle to start each quarter of the match
  4. The home and away season consists of 23 rounds. After the completion of these rounds, the top eight teams on the leader board play the finals. The final round consists of qualifying, elimination, semi-finals and preliminary finals. The final two teams that emerge after the four finals play the AFL grand finale.
  5. Australia has 18 AFL teams. Ten of these teams are from Victoria, and two each from New South Wales, Queensland, Southern Australia and Western Australia.
  6. Each of the AFL teams or clubs have their song and mascot. The song is played before the starting of the match, when the players arrive on the ground and the winning team’s song is played at the end of the match.
  7. Supporting a AFL team is called as barracking.
  8. The jerseys or jumpers worn by the players are locally known as Guernsey. You can purchase your teams Guernsey from a reputed AFL store in Australia.