Beginners Guide To Motorcycle Purchase

Most of the first time bike buyers are a confused lot. They are confused about choosing the model and type of motorcycle that suits their style and requirement, choosing the dealers and how to get good deals on motorcycle prices.

Here are a few simple guidelines from reputed Honda bike dealers, to help first time buyers.

  1. The first point to consider before deciding on the model, colour and other factors is the purpose of buying the motorcycle. Decide whether you want the bike for regular commuting, for touring or for off-roading. Once you determine the requirement, choosing an appropriate model becomes easy.
  2. Determine your budget. How much are you willing to pay for a bike? Calculate your savings and finance requirements. Know about your credit ratings and get an idea about different ways of financing your motorcycle purchase. You can get financing from banks, financial institutions and co-operative societies. Manufacturers also offer credit facilities at attractive rates for some models. Some of the Honda bike dealers also offer financing services for their clients. Customers who have higher credit ratings can get good deals from the banks and dealers.
  3. Once you determine the requirement and set a budget, research about the different manufacturers. There are many reputed bike manufacturers in the market. Choose a brand with good reputation and quality after sales services.
  4. Select a few Honda bike dealers in your neighbourhood. Most of the dealers deal with a wide range of manufacturers. Ask for references from friends and colleagues who own a bike. Visit a few popular dealerships and select a professional and customer friendly dealership to make your purchase.
  5. Visit the dealership and have a look at different brands of the motorcycles. Ask for a test ride to check whether a particular motorcycle suits your personality and style. You should be able to comfortably touch the ground, while being seated on the motorcycle. Always take a mechanic or a friend who is well versed with motorcycles, when you go to inspect a motorcycle. The sales staff of the dealer can also explain the features of different brands and help you choose the right one.
  6. The last step is to bargain with the Honda bike dealers for a good deal. Most of the dealers offer free accessories or gear along with the motorcycle.