A Better Move To Custom Door Replacement

One might think that in order for their homes to be updated and transformed, they have to go through a lot of ordeals including on-site construction, tarps and paint cans all over the space and a completion date that can’t come fast enough. This is not true according to the general manager of HomeStory located in Mission Viejo, Mark Collins. He gave assurance that it is possible to avoid all those and more – the transformation will be affordable and it will be finished in a maximum of three hours by the professionals.

Collins shared that their company specializes in replacement of custom interior doors for the whole house. He added that they have the latest technology used in digital measuring, the products they use are high quality and cost-effective. Not to mention that they have the top-notch group of staff. Because of these qualities that he enumerated, their company HomeStory has the capability to update any property in a seamless manner.

Clients must visit the HomeStory site where they will be able to choose different styles of interior doors such as French doors, barn doors, entry doors, closet doors, glass doors and pocket doors. After which, an associate from the company will visit your home to personally finalize the design you have selected, an estimate will be given and 3D measurements will also be taken of each of the door opening.

Collins shared that they personally visit homes to give estimates at no additional cost. The digital technology that the company uses make it possible for them to work in an optimized and integrated manner which collects all data from measuring to ordering, production to delivery as well as installation services.

Because of the precise process they have adapted, HomeStory is able to work on any types of home no matter the process and year it was built. The technologies they use make it possible for them to update even the oldest homes.

If you are not keen on replacing your entire door structure and is only looking for a glass replacement company, it is best to hire a local one for convenience.