BIFA To Highlight Freight Issues During Multimodal 2019

Multimodal is the premier management event for supply chains, logistics and freight transport. The Multimodal 2019 begins for its 12th consecutive year. The event highlights every sector in the industry which is why it is considered as a unique showcase that is high valued in all of the industry. It features logistics companies offering services such as managed asset recovery services and final mile carrier among many others.

It is expected that the British International Freight Association or BIFA will grace the event with its presence. As usual, all of its staff from the secretariat level up to the regional consultants will be attending at the exhibition booth of the trade association.

The event is a great opportunity for the entire industry to network with one another to meet new clients in the process. The registration for the showcase began last month and many of the high-profile shippers are positive that they are going to be present.

The trade association representing the logistic companies as well as the freight forwarding firms in the United Kingdom will be utilizing the event in order to carry out essential work that needs to be done for the sake of the members that are currently riddled with major challenges and issues that affect their provision in terms of international trading.

According to the director general of BIFA, Robert Keen, it is expected that during the Multimodal 2019, the main issue to be discussed is all about the ongoing uncertainty brought about by the Brexit. Aside from this though, there are many other issues that needs to be raised by BIFA members and these are issues that the trade association is already aware of and are trying to find a solution for.

One of them is the shortage of drivers which is one of the factors why the input costs is increasing and it is also a threat to the market’s stability in the long-term. Volatility is also experienced by last mile carriers because of the continued growth of the e-commerce sector. Fuel cost is also a growing concern for companies providing managed asset recovery services and those that are operating within the trailer services of Europe.