Black Waters On The Beaches Of Thailand

Black water had been seen flowing through the sand and along the southern part of Kamala Beach last February. The governor of Phuket and the Kamala Tambon Administrative Organisation both bound to raise the issue as the local officials of Phuket clear the black polluted water and find its source.


The contaminated area affects nearby facilities such as Sunwing, a 4 star hotel in Phuket, Sun Palm, and Phuket FantaSea.


Nopporn Karuna, the organisation’s Deputy Chief, issued a statement on The Phuket News that microorganism balls (or “EM balls”) would be prepared and used to locate and dilute the water pollution by releasing them along Pak Bang Canal. He also stated that they will be removing blackened soil and sand from the canal and will also be putting the prepared EM balls as early as the 16th of February.The officials of the Kamala Tambon Administrative Organisation, on the other hand, will be finding the point of origin of the pollution as they work their way upstream.


The Deputy Chief adds that their inspections had revealed that the source of the dirty black water being released from the canal could be from the local businesses or the housing communities located nearby. He says that it could not be the Sun Palm, Phuket FantaSea or the 4 star hotel in Phuket Sunwing to be the perpetrators, as these places have installed the proper wastewater systems.


This type of black water problem has happened before, dating back as early as 2014, where Karon beaches have been hit by the rank of the dirty water flow. Kamnan Winai Chidchiew, the Subdistrict Chief in Karon, had stated back then that the problem is caused by garbage being left along the beaches. Come high tide, trash is swept into the waters, and by low tide, it is strewn all over the sands. Tourists had grown concerned for their health and choose not to get into the water that has potential contamination.


On March 13, 2014, the municipality of Karon had signed over its control on water wastes to the Waste Water Management Authority of Thailand (WMA) in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


However, despite these efforts, just May of this year, the Adaman Sea had been another target of this black water saga. Citizens and tourists are getting concerned why the problem has not been permanently addressed and still contaminating beaches.