Brides Here Are The Top Wedding Venues Around Sydney

There are many cities in the world and Sydney is one of the best on the list. For a busy bride loaded with everything to prepare for the upcoming wedding, even the best city in the world can be overwhelming rather than motivating. Choosing a venue can be a lot of work and decision-making can take a toll even on the most women. This is why many brides chose to have a wedding planner in Sydney so they will have someone to assist them throughout the process especially in choosing a venue.

According to wedding planners in the city, here is the list of the top wedding venues brides-to-be should consider along with their grooms-to-be.

  • Park Hyatt Hotel located in the CBA area. This is undeniably the most luxurious hotel in the city and it has a dedicated wedding area that exudes a chic and modern vibe. It does help that the panoramic view of Sydney’s harbour can be seen through the glass walls. For those who require, the hotel can provide couples a wedding specialist to help them during the reception or they can also bring in their own.
  • Curzon Hall located in Marsfield. This is not in the middle of the CBD but slightly outside the area yet this century-old stately home has been renovated in order to become the most popular venue in Sydney. There is no time to waste when booking a space here because many couples are vying to schedule their weddings as soon as possible. The grounds are open for outdoor weddings but there are also palatial ballrooms available for those who wanted to have the celebration inside and with a more glamorous setting.
  • Bar M located in Rush cutters Bay is perfect for winter weddings or those who prefer an indoor ceremony instead. The Italian food is hard to rival and the repurposed 1930s factory gives off a vibe that is perfect for a wedding reception. Couples have the option to project images into the brick wall through holographic technology.

If the listed venues are not what you are looking for, you can ask from a wedding planner in Sydney for more options in order to avoid wasting time visiting and checking each venue.