British Ceramic Tile Company Has Closed Its Doors

The biggest company located in Newton Abbot has recently decided to shut down which came as a shock to over 300 employees who did not expect the turn of events. The business is known to manufacture white bathroom tiles made of ceramic among many other ceramic tile products. the same day that the business decided to stop their trading, Heathfield’s British Ceramic Tile conducted a meeting with the administration beforehand.

According to the administrators, there are a few factors that prompted them to shut their doors for good including the struggles they have during trading and the past few days have been evident that they have lost majority of their key consumers.

Due to the shut down, the company has to lay off 313 of their employees. As the company is still ironing out the remaining details before the final shut down, they have retained 67 employees for the meantime to support the business.

British Ceramic Tile Limited has its headquarters in Newton Abbot and is known to be the largest manufacturer of ceramic floor tiles as well as ceramic wall tiles in the United Kingdom. The company has about 400 employees under its payroll all over the UK as it as has other branches located in West Yorkshire, Newton Abbot, Cleckheaton and Devon.

The partners at FRP Advisory LLP, Alastair Massey, Andrew Sheridan and Tony Wright, were the ones who made the announcement as they have been assigned to be joint administrators.

Andrew Sheridan said that despite the longstanding heritage of the business in the United Kingdom, they had to call the shut down because the trading conditions are no longer the same. This decision was made following the end of contract of their main customer. Therefore the business decided it is best to push administration and stop all their trading as soon as possible.

The affected employees that have been making ceramic white bathroom tiles and wall tiles for many years will be assisted through the entire process. The company will work alongside Redundancy Payments Service to make sure that they get the most out of this challenging time.