Build A Home From Scratch In Just Three Hours

A company based in Queensland recently launched flatpack houses which can be assembled within three days – faster than assembling a bunk bed bought from IKEA. Homeowners no longer have to sweat the small details such as hardwood timber flooring in Sydney because the flatpack house is delivered complete and just needs to be assembled for the owners to move in.

Since the launch, the demand for the houses have increased considerably especially in the south eastern part of Queensland. Anembo Affordable Homes’ Steve Murray, said that its popularity stemmed from the fact that it is easy and quick to build and the price is also more affordable.

The firm said that they have an expandable home with two bedrooms and a land area of 60 square meters. The model is called The Valentine and is worth only $58,200. Since the beginning of 2019, they have been receiving orders from various parts of the region including Russell Island where the land currently sells at an affordable rate of $19,000.

Mr. Murray said that there are corresponding numbers indicated on the steel frames which is similar to a adult handling meccano set. The engineers made sure that all instructions are included right and clear. Every frame used has been cut using computer.

The firm’s headquarters is currently located at Redcliffe, Brisbane. Originally, the kit homes they have been manufacturing were intended only for work sites. After a decade of producing these kits, the company decided it was time to change direction by providing an affordable home which can be permanently lived in.

Upon delivery, the folding house is placed inside a shipping container where it will then be unfolded. Assembly only takes up about three hours and everything will be good to go in just one-week time.

The company said that they are also doing the same model using steel frame and cost the same. The only difference is the level of difficulty in putting the house together but can still be accomplished within three hours. There is no need to purchase hardwood timber flooring in Sydney but council approval is required prior to construction.