Bunbury City Council Reveals Budget For 2018/19

The Bunbury City Council recently gave formal approval to the 2018/19 budget, valued at $67.7 million, to be used for improvements across the city, from upgrades to security cameras Bunbury, to upgrades for city infrastructure. Mayor Gary Brennan described the new budget as ‘beneficial’ and ‘affordable’.

According to the City of Bunbry, the budget went up by 2.9%, which was approved by the council earlier in June. Fees and charges remained static at around 1.5% with many areas untouched by the changes.

The 2018/19 budget has included $49.3m for operating expenditures, $16.2m in capital works, and $2.2m in debt reduction. There’s also a $4.3m allotment for sport and recreation services, $1.4m for the arts, $1m for events, and, finally, $725,000 for grants and subsidies for assisting Bunbury community organisations.

One of the big winners of the new budget is the Stirling Street Arts Centre, which will receive $1.9m for redevelopment projects. Other big winners from the budget include the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre and the Senior Citizens Centre, which are set to receive $420,000 and $50,000, respectively.

The Halifax Light Industrial Area will also be seeing quite a few improvements, with the city working on developing security cameras Bunbury for the public places.

Mayor Brennan says that the city will also provide $86,625 for the project for the incoming financial year.

Infrastructure projects over the 12 months following June will include the following:

  • $3.6m for road works;
  • $1.1m for path construction;
  • $615,000 in marine wall renewal projects, and;
  • $380,000 in stormwater drainage works.

Mayor Brennan stated that Hay Park will be getting improvements out of the budge, with the installation of new cycle lanes, as well changes to entry statements at the entry points around the city.

The mayor also expressed approval about the fact that the new budget would lead to a modest cash surplus of $126,000 by the end of June 2019, saying that the rates sit at about $37m, with the city council receiving about $12m in fees and charges, including rubbish collection charges.

He says that the Bunbury-Geographe region would be improving over the next 12 months, with the money provided by the City Council in a disciplined manner.