Business-Friendly Environment And Low Taxes In Tennessee Attract Businesses

How many businesses actually move every year? It is common for business to relocate to another area when they are offered a better deal or when they have plans for expansion or partnerships with another company. Moving is not an easy task and will likely require junk removal Orange County to get rid of stuff that will be left behind.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee was beaming with pride at the cameras while standing outside the state Capitol building. He certainly has reasons to be happy. Mitsubishi North America and, an online booking company, are bringing their companies to Tennessee.

Lee’s remarks came after California Governor Gavin Newsom told business leaders in San Francisco that he is tired of business executives telling him that other states like Tennessee are cheaper destinations for business operations. Newsom referred to the reports of Chief Executive Magazine’s list of places to do business where California is in 3rd place.

Newsom admitted that California is not a cheap place for businesses. Nevertheless, there are positive aspects to having a business in California like quality of life benefits in a more expensive business environment. Newsom also voiced his frustrations over media reports that homelessness is rising in the state because of the cost of living.

In the last 6 months, 2 other companies have announced their relocation to Tennessee. According to Lee companies are relocating to Tennessee because their low taxes and friendly business environment. Corporate tax rate in Tennessee is 6.5% while in California, it is 8.84%. Federal rate is 21%.

Lee is planning to travel to Chicago to recruit business to the state. Lee also took advantage of Twitter to make an appeal to business owners all over the country that Tennessee is open for business particularly to those who face a difficult situation in their state.

Individuals have the tendency to move from one place to another. Companies also relocate their facilities in areas where it is cheaper to operate. 7-days a week hauling service is provided by junk removal Orange County for reasonable prices. The junk removal company is proud of its state-required license and bonds to haul construction debris.