Businesses In Orange County Ready For Year-End Customers In Spite Of Disappointing Sales Reports

Clutter is a problem that individuals and businesses have to deal with at some point or another. However, removing bulky and heavy items is a time consuming process. Instead of doing it on your own, a better option is to hire junk hauling Orange County for efficient removal of clutter without disrupting the normal operations of a business.

Because of the weakening economy, couples who are planning a wedding are hesitant to splurge for the big day. According to Kim Hawkins, owner of Events Wholesale that sells decorative items for weddings and events, couples are opting for simpler centerpieces like glass vases and candles instead of the more extravagant items.

Hawkins has noticed that many consumers visit her website but they do not buy. She had to improve her marketing campaigns to companies that usually hold events. Response to her promotions was pretty good to replace the loss of business from wedding customers.

Independent retailers and small businesses are preparing for the 4th quarter of the year which is the biggest season for many consumers. However, the problem is the slow economy and loss of consumer confidence. Latest retail sales reports from the government were very disappointing. Merchandise has become very expensive because of the tariffs imposed on goods from China.

Retailers also need to deal with consumer preference for online shopping. Annie Rupani, owner of Cacao &Cardamon shops said that they have to adapt to the changing environment by developing products that can be sold for cheaper prices. Smaller boxes of chocolate are being offered to passionate chocolate fans and gift givers. In her online store, Rupani has negotiated with shipping companies for better rates.

According to Carlos Castelan, a management consultant, Americans want to spend less time shopping which make it important to provide them with a highly memorable experience so that they will come back for more.

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