Can Small Businesses Predict A Looking Recession?

Investors always look forward to CAD Forecast to monitor the performance of the Canadian dollar against world currencies. CAD forecasts are also very relevant during periods of economic uncertainty because the Canadian dollar is one of the currencies that are considered as global safe haven. However the health of the Canadian dollar is often affected the state of the US economy.

Small businesses in the United States believe that the economy is growing but they are not as confident as they were a year ago. Meanwhile, economists and investors debate over a looming recession in the future. Owners of small businesses believe that the economy will get better in the next months. It exceeds the number of businesses that believe the economy will be worse by 20 percentage points.

There are more small businesses that have added jobs than those that have cut jobs by 2.6 percentage points. Numbers are sharply down from the readings of the previous five quarters where businesses that added jobs exceeded those that have cut jobs by 4.8 to 7.3 percentage points. However, the problem of business owners is the availability of qualified job applicants. This is not surprising considering the fact that unemployment rates are at a historical low.

Small businesses are at the end of the supply chain. NFIB surveyed 1,500 owners of small businesses. The survey goes back to 1973 where the results showed signs of an economic slowdown. According to William Dunkelberg, chief economist with NFIB, if there is a consumer-led recession, the first to know will be the small businesses.

A survey made before the Great Recession in 2007 showed that most respondents expected the economy to be worse in the future. The economy turned sharply bearish in early 2008 while economists were still debating whether a recession has started. Meanwhile small businesses can also miss a coming recession.

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