Car Wraps As A Cost Effective Form Of Advertising

One of the most effective forms of advertising is car wraps in Brisbane because it can reach a wider audience. Potential customers are easily attracted by the message without experiencing any kind of distraction. Besides that, the car wrap acts as protection against scratches and dents to keep the vehicle in a better condition.

Early this week, there was an article about Grab launching a new ad business initiative, GrabAds. This was created to provide brands with an online to offline platform where they could engage with millions of customers in Southeast Asia.

According to Nasheet Islam, head of GrabAds, they have already booked several big time clients across the region like Pepsi, Unilever and Shopee. They have already managed to run more than 1,000 marketing campaigns last year.

A team is busy collaborating with major partners like Mediacorp in Singapore for content and media partnership and Media Prima Digital for the launch of in-car media platform. The aim of Grab is to create new opportunities for revenue among private-hire car drivers. The partnership will result into the installation of the first Grab in-car media platform with short form content to be provided by Media Prima on four different segments that will include entertainment, lifestyle, sports and news. This is also an effort to enhance the experience of the passengers.

Islam and his team will be running car wrap campaigns across the Southeast Asian region to promote the new ads business unit as well as events and road shows. In order to deliver maximum results and a seamless campaign management for both brands and drivers, GrabAds will partner with local ads management companies in every market.

Meanwhile, GrabAds will offer clients the opportunity to build and customize interactive widgets for games, quizzes and content in the Grab app. Clients will also experience a newsfeed that will provide information relevant to what consumers need.

Using billboards for advertisements is also effective but the recurring costs are consistent as you advertise. With the car wraps in Brisbane, the ads can be changed as often as possible with less cost. The initial investment on the car wrap is only a fraction on what will be spent on an advertising campaign but with the same results.