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Bingo Acquires Dial A Dump In $578M Deal

Aussie waste management and skip hire in Northern Beaches Bingo Industries acquired Dial A Dump Industries for $578m, a move that is expected to bring up the company to the level of the heavyweight waste management players, like international companies Veolia and Suez, in a business sector where competitiveness and scale reign supreme. According to […]

Tourist Attractions In Rayong

Rayong is an upcoming tourist attraction in the eastern part of Thailand. There are a number of attractions like fruit orchards, waterfalls, serene beaches, national parks and beautiful islands in and around Rayong. Tourists planning their visit to Thailand can include Rayong in their itinerary and enjoy the uncrowded beaches of the city. There are […]

All About Bangkok Japanese Restaurants

Many tourists come to the capital of Thailand and expect to taste lots of delicious Thai food. Not knowingly, there are lots of Bangkok Japanese restaurants to try, considering that the city is home to a large Japanese community outside Japan. The official figures show that there are estimated 50,000 Japanese residents with a quarter […]

Four Types Of Wedding Marquees

The popularity of marquee weddings is increasing in recent times. Couples prefer to plan their wedding in outdoor areas as they lend opulence to the wedding. Hiring marquees helps to improve the ambience of the wedding. Marquees are available in different styles to suit the theme and style of the weddings. Some of the popular […]

IKEA Speaks On Their Biggest Flop

Furniture companies like Systems Commercial Furniture are always trying to bring something new to the table, with new developments aimed at the market. Sometimes, that doesn’t always work. Something that the furniture giant IKEA is very much aware. A Senior IKEA executive describes said product as an ‘amazing fiasco’ that the company would prefer to […]

Bunbury City Council Reveals Budget For 2018/19

The Bunbury City Council recently gave formal approval to the 2018/19 budget, valued at $67.7 million, to be used for improvements across the city, from upgrades to security cameras Bunbury, to upgrades for city infrastructure. Mayor Gary Brennan described the new budget as ‘beneficial’ and ‘affordable’. According to the City of Bunbry, the budget went […]

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