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Japan’s Big Four Announces Alliance For Standardizing Electric Motorcycle Technology

Japan’s motoring industry saw a short statement, with the companies signing it stating their intentions to work together towards standardizing replaceable battery technology for electric motorbikes. What makes this statement so noteworthy is that it’s signed by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha; Japan’s four biggest motoring companies. Personal transport is moving away from fossil fuel, […]

Royal Commission Recommendations For Financial Advisors In Australia

The disputed conflict of payment regarding the quality of accountant financial advice is being tended to. The Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board present an “update on the royal commission and impact on financial services.”   Financial planning is being offered higher standards as a profession, and the following are Commissioner Hayne’s recommendations to be […]

How Leadership For CIOs Have Changed

There are many things that are changing especially in leading a business. IT leadership, for instance, is seeing rapid changes whether we like it or not. The pace is catching up with how fast new technology is being introduced in the commercial market. The responsibility of a CIO encompasses more roles than organizing Sydney team […]

Canada’s Bison Transport Acquires Intermodal Assets From US’s Celadon Group

A company that handles trucking in Guelph and across Canada, Bison Transport, recently acquired the intermodal assets of the Indianapolis-based Celadon Group in a transaction on April 26. Bison Transport published a release on the acquisition, revealing that it also includes Celadon’s container-on-flat car intermodal operations (COFC), plus their operating personnel, drivers, customers, as well […]

New Tools Introduced By Facebook For SMEs

One thing that businesses invest into nowadays is employing professionals such as P W D to help improve digital marketing through SEO. Online innovations undeniably changed the business landscape and businesses have to cope up in order to stay ahead of the competition. To help small and medium businesses, Facebook recently introduced new tools that […]

Sydney Hailstorm Puts Pressure On Insurers, Tradespersons And Building Supplies

The December 20 hailstorm has stretched tradespersons builders and Sydney roof and building supplies to breaking point while insurers have to face increasing pressure to move faster. Insurers have resolved almost half of the claims but in spite of the rapid progress, politicians are accusing the insurance companies of failing their clients. More than 130,000 […]

Shop Fitouts In Canberra Can Help Revive Dying Retail Shops

Generally, Canberranscherish thesmall retail shops that are a common sight in their tranquil and lushoutlying districts. However,these old-fashioned stores mainly carrying milk and bread products for neighbourhood clients have been slowly dying. This is evident in padlocked and empty structures and graffiti covered facades of formerly brisk-selling stores.But there are those who managed to stay […]

How The Logistics Industry Is Preparing For Brexit

In case a no-deal Brexit happens, the general laws with regards to customs and tariffs will have to take effect immediately. Foreign trading will also be subjected to the standard checks and clearances upon arrival in customs. It will no longer be legal to adhere to special procedures that were used to be followed in […]

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