Catering Business That Started From A Hobby

If you are going to host an event, your goal is to make the guests happy and satisfied. By hiring caterers in Sydney, your guests will never forget the delicious food, expert service and attention to detail that will be provided. It is guaranteed that the event will be a complete success.

In Wyoming County, you will find Scott Swenson and his Endless Mountain Catering. Will you believe that the catering business that provides food to various social functions for almost 10 years started from a hobby? Swenson, who grew up in a farm has always loved to cook. The catering business started in 2009 as an off-premise catering business that sold meals for various events.

Swenson was able to generate customers through word of mouth recommendations. He eventually built a building on his property and expanded his catering operations. He experienced catering to four events on a Saturday with one for 250 persons, another for 135 persons, and 120 and 150. The events were held in different locations.

Swenson admitted that this was too much so that he decided to limit his services to 2 events a day. It is difficult for Swenson to handle everything. His wife assists in preparation including two or three staffs with another four or five to assist on the day of the event. Swenson has to ensure that everything is all right most particularly food and service.

One of the event’s favourites is pulled pork which was actually the recipe of Swenson’s grandmother. His menu includes stuffed chicken breast, baked ham, Italian meatballs with marinara sauce, Swedish meatballs and sausage with peppers and onions. He also serves assorted vegetables and appetizers.

Swenson’s catering business has grown as well as his operations. He has purchased kitchen equipment because it is important to ensure the safety and quality of food served.

Planning for an event can be very stressful but with the right vendors like caterers in Sydney, everything will proceed in a straightforward and easy way. Caterers understand that a host wants to impress the guests. This is the reason why they make the effort to provide delicious food and impeccable service.