Celebrating 20th Year Of iMac G3 From Apple

It was this very day on 1998 when Apple launched the original version of the iMac which is the iMac G3. The designer of the computer was JonyIve and it was one of the early computers that were released to the public by Apple after Steve Jobs went back to the tech company in 1997. During that time, it was not common to see computer repairs in Perth but now we are celebrating its second decade. We have seen thousands of new computers released after iMac G3 and we can surely say that technology has really evolved a lot.

Though it is good to reminisce about it, there is honestly nothing noteworthy about that technology compared to what is available now in the market. The only redeeming quality it has is the design which was in a shade of Bondi blue no one will easily forget. The body of the computer was made of translucent plastic material. It was a breath of fresh air during that time because majority of the computers then are only available different shades of beige.

It was also the same time when Windows decided to release their Gateway computers with boxes adorned with cow prints. Young people of that generation will remember very well the first time they held the iMac G3 thinking it was going to be something mind blowing but ended up being disappointed.

The iMac G3 was developed with new features such as USB ports, a hidden compartment for various cables and the design was integrated thus the setup was easier compared to the traditional computers of that time. Despite these new features, the model turned out to be a big mistake. Though it comes with a handle so you can carry it wherever you go, it was not very practical considering that it weighs 38.1 pounds.

Even during that time, no computer repairs in Perth will be able to salvage what the company has done with the G3. At the end of day, it was not easy to upgrade the computer’s components, there are no options for customization and the display cannot be reused in any way.