Cheap Canvas Prints: Keeping Your Memories Alive

With the current technology that we have right now, we can easily store digital files anywhere. In fact, there’s the vast use of Google Drive and Google Photos which allow users to upload and store all sort of digital files through the use of cloud storage. You can access your Google Drive and Google Photos through your PC and smartphone just by using your existing Gmail account. The presence of both Google Drive and Google Photos has made uploading and storing files of all sorts because you don’t need to save them all in an actual external hard drive which can be really faulty at times. However, one of the Internet’s pioneers, Vint Cerf has warned everyone who loves taking unlimited numbers of selfies and storing them in digital format that it may be time for them to start preserving those pictures by employing the use of cheap canvas prints.

According to Vint Cerf who is also working as Google’s vice president, there is a high possibility that the digital files people store using the cloud technology will be lost forever especially if they don’t start printing them out on actual canvases to preserve some memories they have of those pictures. This is due to the fact that, according to Mr. Cerf, that the 21st century could be very well, be the next Dark Age, similar to the one occurred between the 5th and the 8th centuries following the unfortunate collapse of the mighty Roman Empire. Apparently, if no solution is found, there will be an information black hole in this century. Right now, there are many ways to preserve photos even though they are still in digital formats. One of them is by employing cheap canvas prints where you will have your photos printed on canvases that are made of high quality materials to make sure the photo will be in pristine condition over the long period of time. The digital life of human is starting to fade away in a matter that you won’t even notice that your files are started to go missing out of the blue due to the frequent faultiness of today’s technology.  If anything, it’s recommended that you consider the use of cheap canvas prints to make sure the next generation of your family will have something to see about your lifetime.