How To Choose A Liveaboarding Company

If you are thinking about spending your time liveaboarding this summer, the first thing that you would probably look for is a Similan islands liveaboards company that will cater to your needs. To be honest about it, there are numerous liveaboarding companies for you to choose from. The challenge now is how you can find an honest-to-goodness company that will satisfy your diving and your leisurely cravings.  If you are not sure how to pick the right company, take the following ideas as inspiration:

Check management and personnel’s expertise

One of the things that you should look at in a liveaboarding company is the diving and marine expertise of its management. Take note that you would be spending some few days alone with the crew in the sea. For sure you don’t want to put your lives in the hands of those who have not devoted a good number of years exploring and familiarizing the sea.  Find a Similan islands liveaboards company that employs diving instructors and even marine biologists and professionals related to marine life. This would ensure that you would have a safe diving trip with people who share the same passion with waters and its creatures just like you.

Boat Safety and Amenities

As much as possible, you want to crawl up to a comfortable and sea-worthy sea craft after a long, exhausting dive and you cannot have it if you pick the wrong company. Visit your target company’s website and read customer reviews from independent sites like discussion boards or forums. You may also want to check if the houseboats utilized have advanced communication equipment including life- saving facilities.


A good Similan islands liveaboards experience doesn’t have to break the bank. There are companies that provide budget-friendly packages suitable to customers who may be working on a budget. There are budget packages that include multiple dives in a day, basic yet comfortable accommodation and sumptuous local food while there are also packages with high-end services like a hostess, in-door or outdoor dining preferences and sun decks that you can laze on after a good, tiring dive.