Cleaning Business 101 For Start-Ups

If you are considering to venture into business and do not mind dealing with dirt, you might want to try a cleaning business. According to research, more than three million people around the United States are currently employed in the cleaning industry in 2016. The average salary for that year is around $27,030. For those living in Australia, the cleaning industry is also blossoming offering Sydney office cleaning and various commercial cleaning services.

To start your cleaning business, you should first assess the need in your area. You don’t have to invest a lot at the beginning but it would be ideal to start small. If you are living in a small community then your best bet in finding clients is through word of mouth and you might want to begin offering residential cleaning services to your friends and neighbours.

The saying “walk before you run” is applicable in this case. This means that you can offer your service part-time at the start of your business venture. This way you can gauge the need and how viable the business idea is. Inquire with small to medium business owners around you who might be looking for the services you are offering up.

If you are residing in a large town, you can even offer cleaning services to bigger institutions given that you have people under your payroll. You can find clients among bigger commercial establishments such as schools and banks. Your niche will depend on the equipment and the number of employee you have at your disposal. You can focus on residential, commercial or even cleaning sporting goods. According to a franchise owner, people who have day jobs start with a cleaning franchise so they can still continue working on their regular day jobs.

Do not forget to choose a good name for your cleaning business. It should be easy to remember and carries a weight of credibility. Before you can start offering services for Sydney office cleaning, you should acquire the required licenses and permits to operate legally. You can get this information from your local government office.