Common Pests That Home Owners Must Keep A Close Watch On

Pests are a common problem across households. There are variety of pests like rodents, roaches, spiders, termites, bed bugs and many other unwelcome insects that invade houses and create a mess. Pest infestation, not only creates a huge financial loss by damaging the furniture and property, but also affects the health of the family members.

It is important to get proper pest control in Newcastle done to protect the home and family members for the deadly effects. It is important to know about some of the common pests, in order to keep a close look for them.

  1. Termites – Termites are the deadliest of pests. They are most destructive and damage the Home and Furniture. The most important point to notice is that termites cannot be detected with naked eye in the initial stages. You will only see them after the infestation becomes serious. Get a thorough inspection done by pest control in Newcastle for early detection of termites. It will save you a lot of time and money.
  2. Spiders – spiders are the most common pests in Australia, next to termites. They are most often dangerous as some of the spiders are poisonous. Spiders tend to build their nests in the garages and other items left uncovered in the yard like garbage bags, firewood piles and on different stationary objects. Vacuum the house regularly to keep the spider infestation in check.
  3. Fleas – Fleas thrive in the warm and humid environments. They infect the pet animals and birds and are passed on to the humans who interact with them. Once they enter inside a house, fleas will infest the carpets, furniture and clothes. The fleas reproduce at a fast rate as a single female flea will lay hundreds of eggs. Check the animals bedding and skin regularly to notice any signs of fleas. Call an expert pest control in Newcastle immediately, if you notice any signs of fleas inside your home.
  4. Bees – Bees are dangerous insects and prefer to nest in the outdoor surroundings of your home. They develop large colonies in short periods of time and are problematic to deal with.
  5. Rodents – Mice and rats are dangerous as they spread a lot of diseases. They also chew away the underground cables and cause damage to the property. The unpleasant urine smell and the droppings are major signs to identify mice and rat infestation. Call a trusted pest control in Newcastle that deals with rodents and get rid of mice and rats from your property.