Complaints Of Sexual Assault Increase Due To #Me Too Movement

Victims of sexual assault often keep quiet because of reputational consequences. On the other hand, the assault lawyer says that when a person is falsely accused of sexual assault, his life will be significantly impacted. It is important to confront the allegations quickly with the assistance of a lawyer.

One of the strongest impacts of #MeToo movement on the British justice system is the sudden increase in the number of complaints of rape and sexual harassment. The number of rape complaints that has been reported in England and Wales increased by almost 13,000 to 54,045 in 2017-18. The previous year, the number of complaints was only 41,186.

The following year, the number leaped further by 9% to 58,657. However, the number of convictions went down over the same period from 2,635 in 2017-18 to 1,925 in 2018-19. The increase in complaints is very significant because it is indication that the victim believes that she will receive support.

According to Kate Ellis, solicitor at the Centre for Women’s Justice in London, “MeToo movement has encouraged people to come forward but whether procedures in the country can handle the complaints is another question. People are asking whether they should believe that the complaint is true. They do not want to blindly believe everyone who makes a complaint.

Suzanne McKie QC from Farore Law that specializes in discrimination, equalities and employment cases, the impact of #MeToo has been counterproductive. Some male managers in corporate organizations refuse to recruit attractive women. It is their way of dealing with the increased allegations of sexual harassment.

Male executives tend to settle sexual harassment disputes to protect their identity and reputation. Firms prefer to leave investigations to the police even if they need to do some investigations themselves. Willingness to believe that male managers may be capable of misconduct in the workplace does not translate to better justice.

It is important to acquire the services of an assault lawyer as soon as you accused of committing sexual assault or harassment. Always remember that there are serious consequences to the charge which can impact your life and future. Your rights must be protected throughout the legal process.