Complaints Unearthed During Rehab Facilities Investigation

There are many legal Los Angeles luxury rehab but there are also fraudulent ones. This is why the authorities decided to investigate further into the rehab industry. According to estimated, an addict is dying once every two weeks while enrolled in a rehab facility in California. This is not really surprising information because majority of the patients there are receiving treatment due to addictions in dangerous types of drugs.

New facts were revealed upon the death Nathan Eaton, a 32 year old patient in one of the rehab facilities. During the investigation, authorities found out that when patients pass away while in the facility’s care their families have no idea what happened to them. Even other patients are not clued in on what is happening.

He enrolled himself in Center Point, Inc. which is located in San Rafael, California because he has been battling addiction ever since he was an adolescent. Despite his father working in the drug recovery industry, they were not able to detect signs of addictions with his son.

After graduating from high school, Nathan has been in and out of various rehab centers in the hope of winning over his addiction. The first facility he enrolled in was in Baton Rouge which is his hometown and then he moved to Houston. He was 32 years old when he landed in Center Point Inc and his families saw the changes and the positive impact of his latest rehab facility.

It all changed when on March 8 of this year, Nathan went out of the facility to see his dentist because of a toothache. He ended up visiting his girlfriend instead of going to his appointment. When he came back, his friend who went out with him said that he is obviously high on drugs.

Instead of sending him for treatment, the staff at Center Point decided to let him stay and when they woke up in the morning he was already lifeless. In the end it was revealed that Center Point has shortcomings and therefore Nathan’s father decided to file a lawsuit which ended up with a settlement of $245,000. He just wanted to advise families to check Los Angeles luxury rehab before enrolling to make sure they are putting their loved ones fate in good hands.