Consulting Firms Are Encroaching On The Traditional Turf Of Digital Agencies

As small businesses look to navigate the evolving digital landscape, more and more web consulting services are ramping up their marketing and design services through product designer tool. As digital and digital customer experiences are becoming a critical path to success for most organizations, digital firms are making use of the product designer tool to help new businesses gain a foothold in the online marketplace.

Digital firms are more focused on digital customer experience and what it takes to be able to scale and deliver. This is often done through a website that has the capability to deliver a mobile experience. At the same time, digital agencies are increasing their consulting and strategic offerings while taking consulting firms on a head-to-head in their territory.

There are consulting companies like Accenture and Deloitte that are getting into interactive space while companies like, Oracle, Adobe and others are invading marketing space. There are also strategic consultancies like McKinsey and BCG and Bain that are invading the area. However, a company differentiates itself through the talents it is able to attract.

PwC is hoping to be able to make waves in the fiercely competitive business of digital design. PwC has unveiled its Experience Center that aims to widen the breadth of the company’s digital service business. “Sandboxes” will be the physical labs for the PwC team of designers who will experiment with and prototype digital products and services for its customers. The first Experience Center Sandbox is due to be opened this year outside Miami while another facility is scheduled to be opened early next year in California. PwC also hopes to build another four “sandboxes” in Europe, in the Middle East and China.

PwC’s digital services has a team that includes creative directors, strategists, web designers and design engineers that will help clients build digital apps and websites. PwC services 200 to 250 clients globally at any time with 80% of the clients using PwC broader advisory and consulting services.

The company has tackled projects that include creating a new digital interface for the sales force of an agribusiness client and designing a tool that will help the administrative team of a hospitality business to better communicate with hotel services staff.