Decorative Agents Given A Boost By Finance Specialist To The Tune Of £40k

Decorative Agents, a company based in Rochdale, got the £40,000 they needed to secure a facility. The money was said to be funded by a finance company from the northwest. Decorative Agents specialized in supplying decorating supplies. The company was founded last September of the year 2012. The money was lent to the company by Positive Cashflow Finance, an independent provider of invoice finance, which is based in Manchester. They offer facilities with a range of £10,000 to £1 million. The managing director of Decorative Agents is Lea Wrest who has been in painting and decorating for more than 20 years.

The company has now expanded their reach and products. Their decorating tools ranges from dust sheets, paint brushes and roller sleeves and other various decorating tools. The company is supplying to schools, colleges, contractors and a number of business that specialized in decoration.

The cash flow was tight because the customer’s payment came in between a month or two of waiting. Since the company is fairly new, they can’t ask their suppliers for credits. The company has not received any sort of funding except for the £40,000 money boost which will enable them to invest in the stock market and further improve the infrastructure of their IT department.

Lea’s vast experience in painting and decorating has been the foundation of his contacts since they know he will deliver products that are not only high quality but also on time. With the money, the management is positive that they will be able to have twice the turnover in the coming year.

Though they have thought about seeking funds from other sources, they find that invoice finance is the most ideal for their needs. It will enable them to grow while their sales increase.

A representative from Positive Cashflow Finance has shared how businesses like Decorative Agents need funding more than ever especially when the management is looking to expand the reach of the business. They also take pride in supporting the business and its plans for the future.

Positive is an independent invoice finance provider with an office in Manchester city centre offering facilities from £10,000 to £1m.