Dental Practice Looking To Turn Old Bradford Council Offices

Old, unused offices can be seen across the world, like the Bradford Council’s old offices, in West Yorkshire, England. One dentistry firm, with their many reading orthodontist, are looking to get their hands on the offices and turn them into a site of an orthodontist practice.

The firm, Trinity House Orthodontics, have applied for a change of use for the ground floor of 55 Well Street, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, from offices hosting six staff from the start.

The Grade II-listed Kershaw House, built in 1865, once hosted, in its ground floor, the base for the Bradford Council’s Skills for Work unit. Said unit then left the premises, migrating to the nearby St. Peters House, on Forster Court, leaving it open for any willing reading orthodontist or business owner to acquire.

Trinity House Orthodontics is a Yorkshire-based specialist orthodontic firm, which specialises in providing treatment of braces to kids and young adults on the NHS. The firm is looking to expand into the Bradford district, and the office, located in the building just opposite of the Broadway Shopping Centre, gives them prime real estate to do so.

The firm’s submitted planning documents also note that the practices aims to increase its varying level of roles, bringing in orthodontists, orthodontic therapists, dental nurses, and receptionists, who’ll be recruited from the locals, and, consequently, provide an opportunity for sustainable employment.

The documents also say that the majority of the firm’s patients start their treatments between the ages of 12 and 16 years, so having a practice located in Bradford’s city centre means less travel time for the patients, which will be helpful for the patients themselves, as well as their parents or legal guardians who have to accompany the patients.

As for the property itself, it’s been available to let for around two months, as of early June 2019, and, since posting, only the orthodontist practice has shown interest in the property.

The planning document also stated that no alterations will be made to the building’s facade, which is part of Bradford’s Little Germany Conservation Area, with only internal changes to be made to the building to facilitate its use as an orthodontist practice, should approval be given.