Derby Folks Prefer A Christmas Market Instead Of An Ice Rink

It is only September but people are already anticipating the holiday season with matching Christmas Pajamas, ugly Christmas sweaters, holiday cookies and Christmas carols. The option for Christmas films is virtually endless with Netflix and other movie streaming sites.

Meanwhile, Derby folks are calling for a Christmas market instead of an ice rink which was frozen out of the city’s festive plans. Every year since 2010, an ice rink was temporarily installed in the marketplace. However, it seems that the ice rink will not be returning this year after the council bosses confirmed that they are exploring other alternatives for the Cathedral Quarter Activity this year.

When Derbyshire Live asked readers on their options to replace the ice rink, it was revealed that a German-style Christmas market was the first choice to become the city’s festive attraction. Brett Bennett’s comment on Derbyshire Live Facebook page said that the council could arrange for a festive Christmas village complete with an outside bar, hot German-style food and big displays.

Joe Frost agreed that a German Christmas market is a better choice but Anthony Simpson still prefers the ice rink to return for the 9th consecutive year alongside a Christmas market. He believes that there is plenty room to accommodate the ice rink and German market style village.

Most of the comments mentioned the Winter Wonderland event that takes place in Nottingham’s Old Market Square every year. Andy Wraith said that nearby Nottingham has a whole square that is filled with stalls, bars, food outlets and activities for kids.

Meanwhile, others suggest a Santa grotto and outdoor cinema. It is very clear though that Christmas marketplace is the most popular choice. A spokesperson from Derby City Council said that they have been having the ice rink for the last 8 years and it now time to explore other options for Christmas activities on the marketplace.

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