Derby shire Crematorium Offering Broadcast Services For Funerals

A crematorium is generally known for providing its customers with good service, and cremation urns in respect to the duly departed. With regards to the living, some have become aware of the fact that not everyone can make it to a funeral, especially if one’s death comes so unexpectedly.

Which is why a Derbyshire crematorium, Bretby Crematorium, offers a new innovation using the internet and state-of-the-art display technology, which they’ve installed in both of their chapels. This new development, made possible thanks to a £235,000 investment from the Central England Cooperative Funeralcare, allows the crematorium to share services online, regardless of where they are in the world.

This new development is only part of the investment, which also includes the refurbishing of both chapels, and the refurbishing of the waiting rooms with new carpets. Visitor amenities in the chapels have also been revamped, while the reception area and the family rooms have also gotten a new look.

Manager Nick French says that this is an exciting time for them, and that they are proud to be part of the Derbyshire community. He adds that the first priority of the crematorium is to provide excellent standards of care, in their cremation urns and their services, to the families in their time of grief, and that these new upgrades are a reflection of that, allowing people to bid a fond farewell to their loved ones in their own personal way. French believes that Bretby exists to offer a place where people can come together and say goodbye the people that mattered in their lives in the best conditions possible.

Notably, Bretbyisn’t the only crematorium allowing people to view the funeral services of loved ones through a password-protected site, as other crematoriums in the Derbyshire area are also doing the same, such as Trent Valley Crematorium, an under-development crematorium set to open in 2018, between Aston-on-Trent, Thulston and Chellaston.

According to the owners of Trent Valley, Dignity Funerals, the new facility will be able to handle large congregations and provide multi-faith or what they call “neutral religious” services.

Markeaton Crematorium in the area has the option to record the funeral service, letting you look back, as well as having a screen for a slideshow, but doesn’t have a livestreaming service.