Didi Resources Appointed As Aprilia’s Malaysia Distributor

The Malaysia motorbike scene took a bit of a hit, with NazaPremira, the country’s distributor for Aprilia, deciding to cease their partnership with the Italian manufacturer. Good news for people in Malaysia looking to get their hands on an Aprilia bike, however, as Aprilia has appointed a new distributor for Malaysia; Didi Resource, set to start distribution operations come August of 2018.

The new Aprilia showroom and services facility will be located in Didi Resource’s Petaling Jaya facility, at The Gasket Alley. There, customers can avail for sales, aftersales, services and warranties for owners, both current and future. Didi Resources General Manager Juan Chow Wee has reassured the Malaysian customers of the brand that there won’t be issues with the transition when it comes to customer care and service support.

He adds that Aprilia bike owners won’t have to worry during the transition period, as Didi Resources will immediately support warranties and recalls, with the additional goal of improving owner involvement.

Juan recently detailed the distributor’s plans and outlook on the new partnership. He says that Didi is fully aware of the fact that there is a lot of work to be done to get the Aprilia back on track in Malaysia, and that their first step will be to start initial communications with customers.

Didi Resources, he says, will be studying the network of the Aprilia bike dealers in the country and reworking the structure, re-evaluating the dealers and the network itself to see who meets the standards set by Aprilia. The plan, he explains, will be to have  a key dealer in every region across the peninsula; Central, North, South and East Coast.

Juan says that their store in The Gasket Alley will be acting as the flagship store for Aprilia’s Malaysia arm, supporting the regional dealers across the country. The store will be distributing Aprilia come August, with full operations; both showroom and workshop, by September.

Aprilia isn’t the first Piaggio brand that Didi Resources distributes, as they also handle the distribution of Moto Guzzi. In a statement, the Chairman of Didi Resources, Rewi Hamid Bugo, says that they’re honoured to receive this opportunity to handle the distribution of Aprilia, a well-known Piaggio Group brand in Malaysia’s market, complimentary to Moto Guzzi, and completes their Italian motor product range under the Piaggo Group.