Difference In Event Management Platform Between US And China

Conference managers would be all ears on this one because this year, the event management platform developed by China is leading in the market. Event organizers who are interested in taking part in local Chinese events in order to make connections with investors or local Chinese should check out Huodongxing and 31Huiyi. They are the bomb when it comes to social meet-ups, events and Chinese conferences.

The CEO of 31Huiyi, the one-stop event management platform, is Tao Wan. According to him, his company got its influenced from event management firms in the United States such as Marketo and Cvent but they have been focused on applying localization to China compared to the US companies.

The first difference between the two is the sending of luck money. This is a major part of the culture in China – they send luck money to other people. During a business event, everyone is excited for this part. WeChat has a normal limit of RMB 200 when sending hongbao but 31Huiyi makes it possible for event organizers to sent a maximum of RMB 500 to as high as 10,000 attendees of their event. All they have to do is scan their QR code and the main screen will show the winners.

The second difference is that speakers during the event are rewarded. During the speech, participants have the option to scan the code of the speaker and money will be sent to him accordingly. The speaker has a maximum limit of RMB 100,000. After the event, the list of speakers’ names will be shown on the main screen in order based on the amount of hongbao they have received.

The third difference is that event guests are served in a personalized and customized manner. Attendees coming from other cities will be provided with a hotel room. Two people will be sharing a room. The company will be organizing to make it so two females or two male participants who smoke will share a room.

Conference managers are making use of the platform in order to manage their guests as well as make sure that their event went as planned.