How A Drainage Project Minimized Flooding In Savannah

The recent Hurricane Matthew wrecked havoc in many parts of the United States. Baldwin Park sustained some damages but the $3.4 million drainage project kept the floodwaters from the neighboring towns. According to the residents, the drainage project that was completed last year was definitely worth its costs because there was less flooding.

One of the community’s residents Chris Carpentino who stayed in town during the hurricane, flood waters were already knee-deep by 10 PM before the peak of the storm around the neighborhood park north of Victory Drive. However, even if the park was flooded, water drained away from homes because of the installation of storm and water mains along Atlantic Avenue, 40th Street and Live Oak Street. Part of the project was repair, replacement and restoration of curbs, concrete sidewalks and driveways including wheelchair ramps.

The drainage project was designed to prevent structural damages due a storm that can produce at least 7 inches of rain within 24 hours. During Hurricane Matthew, the rain gauge measured 17 inches of rain which was expected to result to some degree of flooding. Residents were grateful that the floodwaters did not get inside their homes. Although there was water in the streets, the drainage project prevented damages to homes.

In the past, drainage issues were experienced during less intense rainstorms and would leave a ring of leaves and debris in yards. Because of the positive effects of the drainage projects, more projects are being planned for Savannah. The city is proposing to alleviate flooding at the Habersham Village shopping center and surrounding areas by installing new drainage pipe lines on the streets.

Business owners are happy with the proposed project because they no longer need to line their entrances with sandbags when there is news of a storm. Rainwater usually rises at the sidewalks and enters the stores.

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