Dunkin’ Bumping Up Digital Advertising

Digital marketing has grown alongside the internet, with many expecting that it will outgrow traditional media in time. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of the industry, with the people most interested in things like king kong advertising review and the like taking notice.

Even Dunkin’, the popular coffee and Donut Company, took notice and has decided to pour a bit more into the digital marketing space. The company’s upping their digital presence, which started with their Dunkin’ Mobile App letting people snag a free donut every Free Donut Friday.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected industries across the world, causing changes in things like king kong marketing review, to even how people see the world. For Dunkin’, the pandemic shone a spotlight on trends that was on the company’s sights. Dunkin’s been offering mobile ordering and Perks for several years now, but the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted their benefits, as people look for ways to minimize the time they spend outside, even for their foodstuffs.

Dunkin’ Americas President Scott Murphay said that Perks program enrolment increased by 110% in Q3 2020, compared to Q4 2019’s growth of 38%. The program, he says, can be viewed as a guest, but is designed specifically to nudge people into enrolling in the Perks program, which offers touchless payment, among other benefits.

Notably, Dunkin’ reported back in Q4 2014 that people in the Perks program spent 40% more weekly, and visited their stores 30% more often. In Q2 2019, Dunkin’ reported that average weekly sales from mobile ordering went up by 30%, which is important as the company estimates that their employees spend about a third (30%) of their work schedule taking orders from their customers. This means that mobile ordering’s improved speed and efficiency can lead to more productive employees.

Dunkin’ Perks program gets people to spend more, and the COVID-19 pandemic is drawing more people into it, which is why they’re working on promoting the digital side of their operations. To that end, Dunkin’ created a new post; Chief Digital and Strategy Officer, to be taken up by Phil Auerbach, formerly of McKinsey & Company, a marketing consulting firm. Within their 15 year time in McKinsey & Company, Auerbach launched the firm’s Loyalty service.

The coffee and donut company is working on boosting their digital presence, hoping to catch Starbuck’s Rewards orders revenue, which accounted for nearly half (46%) of the company’s revenue for Q3 2020.