Dutch Insurer Finds Ways How To Sell Insurance Effectively- Buys 75% Of Insurance Unit

Staying healthy in this drastically hectic world that we are living right now is still a top priority even if it’s seems impossible with the kind of troubling, unhealthy lifestyles that some of us are living as of the moment. As you can see, today’s kind of technology has already made majority of the human population lazier, even lazier than the Fat Cat Garfield, due to the mere fact that new gadgets such as the newly-released smartphones can now do basically everything. In fact, you can even order from Mc Donald’s using the mobile-based application to order and simply wait for 30 to 45 minutes for your orders to arrive. In addition to this, some people are now literally having their phones stuck in their hands for long hours and that alone can lead serious health problems. Now, we all know how expensive it is to get sick right now. Fortunately, paying premiums for a health insurance coverage is a way of making sure that someone will provide a certain amount of monetary compensations that is agreed on both by the insurer and you, as the claimant, in case you get sick. The problem is, with the insurance market currently on a downhill drive especially in the United States where Donald Trump has been persistent in replacing the health insurance coverage in which his predecessor had put in place, insurance companies in the private sector around the world are now digging up ways on how to sell insurance effectively without needing to desperately lower their prices.

Recently, EXIN, a Dutch insurance company which is based in Athens, Greece, has announced that the company has agreed to enter a deal that will enable the company to purchase 75% worth of stakes form Greek lender National Bank, NBG’s  insurance subsidiary for 718 million Euros. For its part, NBG has decided to go on with the deal as it’s a crucial part of the bank’s restructuring plan that has been approved by the European Union to walk away from non-banking practices and focus solely on the core banking methods. EXIN now has more ways on how to sell insurance effectively given the control they have just seized from NBG. In effect, the company has taken another step towards targeting majority of reinsurance, wholesale and non-life insurance markets in whole of Europe.