E-Commerce In 2020

Five years from now, how would online retailing be like? With the advancement of technology, there are several surprises and upgrades for the online marketing. One thing though that would remain vital as ecommerce evolve is the importance of creating a space for your business in the internet. Having your own website is the key to a successful electronic retailing business. Discredit this aspect and your enterprise is doomed. Web designers are now in constant lookout to provide clients with the best web design lay out and enhancements for their online business. Ask the guys at PWD or Perth Wed Design, there are a couple of experts there and they will surely tell you of what makes a web page look good or bad.

Going back to the question, what is your outlook for e-commerce in 2020? Professionals have their own say in this and here are some of what they have in mind:

• By the year 2020, the trend for large central warehouses will cease. There will be smaller and more warehouses for the electronic retailers. It is predicted that by 2020, most people in the planet will take advantage of e-commerce. This would mean that even those situated at remote areas will purchase via online. This will encourage the e-retailers to start building smaller warehouses in every geographical location. The smaller warehouses will house sellable goods and perishable goods as well. There will be more cold storages in these warehouses. With the increased number of warehouses, same day delivery will be much more common.

• Perhaps by 2020, Google will integrate Google plus hangouts and Google play movies so that you can hang-out with friends and watch movies via video conferencing. Amazon could also introduce hangout features in their video on.

• The project of Amazon to deliver products within 30 minutes through the use of drones will now be fully completed. This will be a cool and innovative way to deliver products.

• Let us just cross our fingers and hope that by the year 2020 or even before 2020, there will be a 3D scanning and printing machine. This will open doors for other services.