Economic Policies Of Canada Under Scrutiny

currency exchange Montreal The Martinrea International Inc. will help build the new technical facility but it won’t be located in Ontario but rather in Michigan which will run along the border. The company is currently the third biggest auto-parts supplies in the currency exchange Montreal country and it comes as no surprise that their decision for the location is not what everyone expects. The company is currently dominating as it has facilities located across eight different countries. These businesses help boost currency exchange Montreal because of the economic impact in Canada but the reasoning behind the company’s decision might be considered harsh by many.

According to Rob Wildeboer, the chairperson in charge of the research and development facility in Ann Arbor, the advantage of the country is that it has the tendency to let the process go out of its way. The facility currently employs 160 people and Wildeboer said that there are many reasons why it is so including the amendment of the labour law and the increase in the costs of electricity. As for the new labour law, there is an increase in the minimum salary by 30 per cent. The growth of the economy at the national level is not very fast in comparison to the pace of the United States which is reaping its reward from the tax cut.

Wildeboer said that the rise of US economy further puts Canada into the shadow. While there is tax relief offered in Michigan but that does not have the biggest impact. The only difference is that the United States is now welcoming more businesses. He added that competition is necessary in order for growth to happen.

Many of the businesses as well as executives in Canada are silently protesting. The minimum wage has been increased in areas such as Quebec, British Colombia and Alberta while the federal government is mandating that the provinces should have carbon emissions fee in order to take part in the scheme to slow down climate change. This is turn will have an impact on the currency exchange Montreal because the power bills will be higher than before. Now Canada must fight in order to maintain its role as one of the biggest exporter of commodities.