Electrician Can Also Be Energy Advisors

Bryan Garcia has been an electrician for 17 years when he was sent to help in a hospital in 2016. He was originally from southern Florida working on hurricane response before he turned to industrial and commercial projects. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he was sent to the hospital.

The hospital had bright fluorescent lighting and air conditioning that made heavy demands on energy because of the intense sunlight coming from the windows. The monthly energy bill of the building runs to about $65,000. It was Garcia’s job to determine how he can make improvements without affecting the operations at the hospital.

The first thing that Garcia did was to install window films that could absorb excess sunlight and improve indoor climate control. However, the typical window films used coatings that are reflective like mirrors. Mirrors can be very disadvantageous for some patients who are suffering from burns and other appearance-altering injuries.

Garcia worked with the hospital’s counselling team to test coatings that will generate energy savings without negatively affecting the patient population. Garcia replaced the fluorescent lights with custom-ordered LED lights that cast a softer and warmer glow while using 75% less energy. He also upgraded the cooling and ventilation system and suggested the installation of a solar PV array.

From being an electrician, Garcia evolved into an energy advisor. However, according to Garcia, it was difficult to conduct energy upgrades while the hospital was functioning although he received feedbacks right away. The patients and nurses believe that Garcia has made a big difference because they can go near the windows without getting too hot. The lights are also better and more welcoming.

Renewable energy projects can take time but it could generate energy savings and simplify operations. Installing a modest 67-kilowatt photovoltaic system could save a hospital up to $300,000 during the 10-year occupancy.

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