Espargaro Pleased With Development Of Aprilia For 2018

A test was held by AleixEspargaro using Aprilia which lasted for a day. The test was conducted in Valencia and the main goal was to work out the necessary development they have to implement in order to make sure the RS-GP secures at least a top six place for next year’s race. They are focusing particularly in the engine of the bike as well as the distribution of the weight. It is a known fact that Aprilia motorbikes are one of the leading brands when it comes to races.

It hasn’t been two weeks yet since Espargaro was eliminated in the Grand Prix held in Misano. According to him, this season is the huge disappointment in his part. This season, he was not able to take advantage of promising positions along with Noale factory.

They were supposed to have an after race test in the coast of Adriatic but cancelled because of the weather. Riders of Aprilia then rescheduled the test in Valencia where Espargaro was able to see big changes with bike that proves to be important to his style in riding which he often does – the late braking.

Catalan along with his partner, Sam Lowes, found it a challenge to do a quick lap when the tank is filled with fuel but the team found that RS-GP has the capacity to have a constant pace from the start to finish. This is one of the problems that have been addressed by the engineers in Aprilia when they came to Valencia.

The changes are implemented in preparation for next year. Espargaro said that 2018 will be a crucial year not just for him but for Aprilia as well. Catalan, on the other hand, said that there may be others passing through him in the upcoming Malaysian Grand Prix to be held in Sepang.

Espargaro said that the test conducted in Misano was useless since the road was very wet. Instead they developed engine maps in order to try to see what can be improved in the performance. He is pleased to know that Aprilia motorbikes are going in the right direction in terms of changes and improvement.